Help Tom With His Treatment Costs

Diane Leone
Building A Better Boat

Many people think if you are treating your cancer naturally, it’s not expensive. It’s the exact opposite. Insurance won’t pay for it and it’s expensive. Our story includes Tom’s diagnosis in July of 2018, that week I lost my major client, and with 2 weeks Tom lost his dad. It was quite a month.

With the stress of the world standing still with a cancer diagnosis and trying to make the right decisions, more money going out and less coming in, we needed (and still need) help.

Our dear friend Judy Hicks set up a GoFundMe page and family and friends have helped us in so many ways. We can never repay them or really share how much we appreciate them.

If you are in the holistic nutrition world or are interested in or, even if you know someone who is, I hope you’ll follow Tom’s progress and our story because this changed our lives forever.

Tom’s treatment is ongoing and very expensive. If you can help us, we thank you. Here is a link to the GoFundMe page: