Food is Medicine

When you start thinking of food as medicine, as something our body needs, you look at food completely differently. You start to understand that we eat to live, not live to eat.

All real food items give our bodies exactly what they need to support our immune system. When our immune system is at its best, it can fight off illness and disease, it’s what it was designed to do.

If we eat processed food, things that aren’t even real food or when we eat food depleted of all nutrients and filled with sugar, salt, and chemicals our bodies don’t know what to do with all of that and it throws the body into turmoil.

It didn’t take us long to adapt to a mostly plant-based and fully organic diet. Our tastebuds changed and we crave it now. Our body craves it. Even the change to organic changes the taste-everything tastes better and real.

The pages below are where I hope to share some of the recipes and information about food that we use and hope you will try them too.