When You Think Things Are Tough…

And then Cancer kicks you in the gut.

Tom Leone Bladder Cancer

Tom had found blood in his urine and seen a doctor who told him it was probably an infection. So when Tom got a bad cold, he never gets a cold, the flu or anything, and then saw blood again, he panicked and said he needed an antibiotic. I wanted him to go back and get a referral to a specialist. So, he went to his Dr. and got the referral. We had no idea he had bladder cancer.

What happened next is still so upsetting to me and unbelievable. You give some context, Tom has never gone to Dr.’s, never been in the hospital, never had tests or vaccines. So he goes to the Dr. to get the referral and while there, the Dr. insists he get a flu shot and they gave him a flu vaccine! No signed forms, nothing. I was so upset because as expected, Tom had been finally getting over the cold, while taking an antibiotic, and he had a relapse. Not to mention, we would find out on July 30th, his body was fighting bladder cancer. The damage this Dr. did with that vaccine still worries me.

Monday, July 30, 2018 – the morning is dragging by. Tom has never entered a hospital and today, he will have surgery to remove tumors from his bladder. How did we get here? What was happening? We were both in a fog, overwhelmed and afraid, and had been pushed into doing this. This happens to everyone I suppose. It’s usually taken a long time for the cancer to grow and now you are panicked and the Dr.’s want you doing things right away.

It turned out that this was not an awful decision because to remove the tumors they used a scope so they did not cut through his body to get to the tumors so two wins, hopefully little chance they spread cancer cells and they removed the tumors.

Our world has changed forever. Tom was sent home with a catheter and went through some really painful days both physically and emotionally…waiting for the results.

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