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Tom's Cancer has Returned

Tom and Diane Leone - High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

I need your help.

Will you help me get my husband to a clinic for life-saving treatment?

Our friend Judy has re-opened the Go Fund Me page that we established in 2018. This expense is big.

Will you donate at the link below on our Go Fund Me page to save Tom’s life?

This is such a hard thing to do, write about how we pushed back bladder cancer for over a year ( to be conservative, we were going to celebrate June 24, 2020 as our 1 year cancer-free anniversary) and then a pandemic hit. 

Tom needs a cancer clinic for treatment and needs it soon. The costs are steep and we need help.

I was attending my first holistic cancer healing conference when people started talking about Corona Virus or COVID-19. 

As everything shut down, so did the businesses that offered the treatments that Tom had continued to get. So, for almost 2 months, no treatments. 

Tom started having a dull ache in his abdomen so I suggested we needed to get the “end of June” MRI the first of May. The Dr. emailed and said something was wrong and wrote an RX for a PET Scan. 

I always read them in the car as soon as I pick them up. My worst fears: the cancer had metastasized to a group of lymph nodes in his left pelvic area, a mass in his lower back abdomen and a spot near his sacrum and more.  


We adjusted Tom’s supplements and the only treatment we could do (which we did not do before) was high dose IV Vitamin C therapy as we could get it at the Doctor’s office. So we started them. 

After one treatment that got pushed in two quickly, he ended up in severe pain and had a mild case of Lysis Syndrome. When someone gets chemo or treatment that kills cancer cells and they have a high tumor load (Tom does) and a lot of cancer cells get killed, they are toxic and usually the kidneys can handle them but his were overwhelmed. It’s a serious issue but he was treated and although better, the pain had begun.

We’ve had other setbacks and it seems before my eyes I’ve watched the person I love most in the life, get weak with cancer and constant pain, lose weight, lose his appetite. It’s more than I can handle. 


With my 2 new clients canceling and losing a design contract all due to COVID so no income, and now much more expense, we need help. 

It’s very humbling to admit and ask for help yet I understand people are good and kind and I must do this to save Tom. So this is me, asking for your help. 

Tom’s inspiration for a song by Kenny Chesney, Better Boat, still inspires him to “build a better boat (body)”. A line in the song says, “when I get done the thing may not float but I’m learning how to build a better boat.” Tom is building an even better boat and with your help, we can save his life and he can keep improving on that boat.

This was our story in 2018 when this journey began...

Diane Leone

The Doctors were not happy with his decision and we would soon find out just what the costs are when you treat cancer naturally/holistically. No insurance covers the expenses and having gone through five Doctors, we are beginning to think we are just truly out here on our own.

It’s okay. We learn more and more every day. Tom does everything he’s supposed to do and tests are showing no cancer! We are both believers in food as medicine. We both eat a 100% organic diet of whole foods, no sugar, plant-based, and no processed foods. It changes your social life. Going out to eat – what do you eat? It’s worth it, it’s his life. He’s not been sick or felt bad and people are puzzled when they see him because he doesn’t look sick.

We want to share with the world our experience. I’ve been keeping a journal since the beginning and I’ll begin writing posts from those journals to catch up to where we are today. It’s created a passion, a calling in me, to share this experience and let people know what we’ve been through, what we’ve accomplished, and what we’ve learned. I hope you’ll follow too and share with others that might be interested. There are options for your healthcare and you, as the patient, get to participate in the decisions. We only have one life, don’t hand it over without questions.

Get Tom’s Holistic Treatment Protocol that Helped Him Heal Himself of Cancer Free here!

2018 was a tough year. Oh, it started out good. In February we had a gift of a trip to Paris and while there, we renewed our wedding vows. After returning home, we knew something was wrong. 

In July, Tom got the diagnosis, Bladder Cancer. The world stopped turning. Scared, frantic, and trying to make good decisions we started on the journey of his treatment. 


Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection by Richard Cheng, MD, PhD

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